Am I lucky or what???

crustacean mating - got it in a bayview. they're humping..
July 25, 2008 10:11am CST
Good day... I usually seen in the movies that if you have seen something out of the ordinary or rare, like a shooting star or 5 clover leaves it's a lucky sign and you can make a wish. Well today I went to a mall with a sea port at it's side. It was a beautiful afternoon and I needed a break from work. Just so I've seen a crustacean couple mating, I said what the heck it was my first time seeing one. I've commonly seen dogs, sometimes cats, Birds, Chickens and even house lizards and cockroaches bit I've never seen crustaceans mating, have you? Luckily I have my camera with me and I took a shot. How about you seen any thing rarely lately? Had you make a wish seeing it? share your story? thanks. Please refer to picture for proof
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