@beeeckie (803)
United States
July 25, 2008 10:27am CST
The house my girlfriend and I are trying to buy/are in the process of buying...there is a pair of walnut trees in the backyard, and I've done a bit of poking around the interwebs to find out more about them. I have learned they are Japanese Walnut trees. They have a nifty tropical appearance to them (despite living in the northeast US!) and so far as we can tell, the ones in the yard are thriving. I have also read up (on wikipedia) that walnut trees are slightly cutthroat against other plants; they release a mild toxin which makes it difficult for other plants to grow near them, sort of a self-defense for the tree. We'll have to be careful where we plant the garden... What sorts of funky trees or plants do you have growing?
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