What do you think of mandles?

United States
July 25, 2008 3:09pm CST
Okay maybe you don't exactly know what i'm refering to. It's interesting though this subject was actually brought up this morning on the news and I decided to make the subject one word. The news decided to talk about man sandals so I decided to call them mandles. It was pretty funny actually not that I mind sandals on a guy or anything cuz it doesn't bother me one bit. I just thought what a weird topic for the news and then the anchor people started asking all of the guys in the studio if they would wear a mannly sandal. What an odd topic I mean there are some weird things on the news these days but i've never heard anything quite like this. I just thought it was funny and all. So now I actually want to know how many of you would wear mandles (man sandals)?
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@Arkadus (899)
• Canada
25 Jul 08
WTF? mandles? Don't they already make sandels that guys wear? Now they have to have their own special word for it. -.-; I own two pairs of sandles, one of those... velcro ones with the whole behind the heel rig and then I don't know, more slipperish flipflop style ones. There's no between the toes thing up front... kind of hard to wander around in and not walk out of them but meh. So what's so special about these new man sandles that makes them better than what we already have?
• United States
26 Jul 08
I pretty sure they do make sandles that guys wear but I don't know. I was saying the news made a word up for them when they were doing a story yesterday on it. I just thought it was a funny topic and word. I own almost nothing but flip flops I can't stand shoes they bother my feet. There not special or anything it was just a funny story that the news was talking about. I don't know anything about man sandles. It just made me laugh. I wasn't trying to offend anyone if it may have offended you sorry. My boyfriend says he hates sandles on himself he can't stand them and will never buy them for himself. He sticks to those skater shoes in pacsun and calavera. Anyways maybe someone will come out with new sandles for guys and call them mandles.