July 25, 2008 4:18pm CST
Okay, so, what is your personal opinion on tele-marketers? to be honest, I kinda hate them. Why do they try to sell you things when they know that you DON'T want their junk? Just last week I got a pirate sort of telemarketing, si I wasn't happy with that. If you DO get telemarketers and hate them, what do you do? do you just slam the phone down the old fashioned way? or do you get creative? Let me tell you a story... What some close friends did a while ago was that they got a little peeved off with the tele marketers, and so, they decided to tick off the tele marketers to show them that it is annoying. They got some weird music (banana phone) and played it whenever a tele marketer called. No more tele marketers called back for a while, I'll tell you that! The other day, some people got the wrong number and my friend pretended they were the secretary of a power station and lied about where the manager was. She told them that the manager was with some japanese co-workers and the people asked if they could leave a message. My friend said, in a cheery voice, no, then put the phone down. Another friend speaks french then spanish to tele marketers and they use translators, but she says that she doesn't speak french/spanish. She then puts on an american accent (she is british) and tells them to speak american, because she can only undersand american. the she or the tele marketer hangs up... FUN! So, what do you do to the tele marketers, and how much do you hate them? tell me YOUR stories, dearies!!!
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25 Jul 08
I will say telemarketers are annoying when they call but I am fortunate for I have caller ID and if a number comes up on my caller ID that I don't reconize I don't answer the phone at all they will get my voice mail which they hate and hang up. If's it one of those prerecorded messages they just leave the prerecorded message and I'll go through once a week and delete them without listening to them. I must say your friend had a very good idea on how she does it that's good. I have never heard of someone doing it like that befor.
29 Jul 08
yes my friends are extremely creative haha