A Patient patiently waiting, comes her End. A big question (?) to ER response!

United States
July 25, 2008 6:17pm CST
A news flash on television with an actual footage in the ER of one of the hospitals in US questioning the response of the team was actually shown few days ago. To my surprise, causes me to bother enough as a nurse practitioner in the emergency room department of one of the tertiary hospitals here in the Philippines. I just can't imagine that such awful incident will happen to the late Esmin Green in the ER with staff passing by and watching her die. I mean, at the ER wherein emergency measures could be done in an instant to save this pitiful woman from impending doom. I just figured out that situation like this could happen again and again if such negligence, probably caused by manpower shortage and inaccuracy of ER staff are not modified. The case was found out to be of a pulmonary embolism (a condition wherein a blood clot lodges in her lungs)which is considered an emergency case that at any moment a patient can die in a snap. The surveillance video of the patient collapsing and lying untended as ER staff failed to respond to her collapse is indeed inexcusable at any stretch. The unjust cause of her death is a real big question and a clear case of negligence. The answer lies on the widespread danger in health care putting crowded ERs hazardous because of the expose of patients that even the sickest have to wait. The major causes that are evidently a fact in the US are manpower shortage and hospital practice of boarding inpatients in the emergency department. With the high inflow of inpatients, all of them enters the ER. ER staff responds as to the need arises and cannot refuse or reject a patient who enters for an immediate cure. Chances are there will be an increasing number of patients accommodated versus a constant number of manpower. And so, who is to blame? The ER response team, the hospital administrators or the patients suffering who need help?
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