what would u do if.... survey

@halynn (1809)
United States
July 25, 2008 9:23pm CST
The President called u? Gripe tremendously about gas prices you won the lottery? Help my entire fam w/whatever they needed u were invited to join a reality tv show? i'd prob decline i like my privacy caught a friend stealing? confront them witnessed a murder? go directly the police a stranger offered u candy? accept 2 b nice but not eat it a genie granted u 1 wish? wish 4 health & happiness for my family esp my kid u lost ur fav possession? cry lol your date throws up on u? omg, idk what i'd do i can't stand other ppls slobers or anything like that on me. some1 cut off a chunk of ur hair? well when i was a teen my friend wanted me 2 cut her hair & i did & it turned out great. well she offered 2 do mine & totally botched it lol. u were stuck on an island w/a cell phone & could make only 1 phone call? Call my son.
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