is this true about love?

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
July 25, 2008 10:51pm CST
i heard something yesterday and i don't know if i believe it or not i am still kind of on the fence about it...i heard someone say yesterday that you will always love your first love you just may not always be in love with them...and i was thinking that this may be true but what if something bad happened the reason that made you get out of the what if they were abusive, cheating or something like that that really hurts you, do you think that you would still love them after you think that this statement is true or not...what are you honest opinions on this? thanks for taking the time to read my discussion and i hope that you all have a great night!
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• India
26 Jul 08
Love is the most powerful thing in the world.We can remove it from our primary mind but it will not clean up from our secondary mind.If our love cheat on us we feel angry, sadness etc.We may hate her/him. If you were truevely loving that person your affair will exist in your secondary mind till your.Also your angry to that person will decrease.You will never forget those events with that person.After a long time if you are accidently seeing that person you will get excited.You will wish to talk with her,but probably will not talk.But you will watch that person without letting him/her seeing you.If accidently you two peoples eyes contact each other you will feel that you have no toungue to speak.