it this really love??

July 25, 2008 11:41pm CST
its been 3 years now since i broke up with him.. at first we have a very smooth relationship,, a fairy tale the one i thought will end up happily ever after..but then i'm wrong..after a year of love and devotion with him..he started to cheat on me, but then still i refuse to see everything.. i become totally obssess eith this guy that i even did everything for him,,he even ask me to pay half of his plan with his motorcycle,.oh love can really make you blind. the hardest part is he keep cheating on me, though i knew what was he doing i still continue to love him as much as i can.. now i realize that he is still in my heart and i dnt know what will i do, because until now we still have communication.. i'm asking for your opinion for me to make the right decision...please here me out..
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@jiangxj (45)
• China
28 Jul 08
i'm sorry to hear poor.but you must know that not every love will be loved.and give sincere you may not gain the same,since you chooce to break up,encourage to youself,move on.
@brisk123 (2826)
• India
26 Jul 08
If your partner breaks up with you, it is a horrible experience and can be very difficult emotionally.Relationships can sometimes end suddenly, breaking your heart and leaving you wondering what happened.Even though the experts say that time heals wounds,but your inner emotions may tell you still love your ex.Why did you break up with him?This is the one important question you should be asking to yourself?To go back to him or not is entirely your decision.You said he cheated on you, so my question is "are you willing to go through that same chapter again in your life"?and another is "does he also love you like the way he use to be in the beginning and willing to be true to you"?Can you still trust him after so much pain he had given you?This are few simple questions you need to find answers then think about getting back again with him.I don't want you to get hurt again.There is a sayin, if a man decieves me once, then shame on him,if he decieves me twice,shame on me.So think about it dear.