Humanitarian cause, anyone?

@super_jj (1417)
July 26, 2008 8:01am CST
I was wondering if anyone here in MyLot is an advocate of any humanitarian/environmentalist organizations (local or international). I was quite bored here at work and i started searchin about the crisis in Darfur and i came accross some links of organizations that are trying to help the people there. It's really nice to know that there are still people willing to help the unlicky victims of poverty and brutality all over the world. I'm an advocate of this organization, the V-day campaigne to end violence against women and children. And in my own small ways i try my best to help the organization in it's campaigne to lessen the already overwhelming amount of women and children being victims of abuse and violence by buying vday merchandise, educating my frineds and students (before), and co-workers about it. it's really quite fulfilling being able to lend a little help to such humanitarian organizations. aside from me asking if anyone of you are members/supporters of such causes, i'm also trying, in my own little way, to encourage you to particapate in such campaigns. Lets all try to make the world a little weeny but better to live in. so...are you a member/supporter/advocate of any humanitarian or environmental organization? If you are, tell me about it, educate me. If you're not, maybe you could think about joining one. A little help from you means a lot to the world. 8)
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@alokn99 (5717)
• India
26 Jul 08
I very much appreciate your thoughts and efforts of trying to get involved in some Humanitarian efforts. I have been wanting to do this for sometime now, but only got involved in settling my own issues. Do feel free to share with me whatever information you can and I will do so the same. Adding you as a friend. Have a great day.
@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
If you wanna join v-day, you can check out If you're more into helping the poor, you can try,, or UNICEF had a conference here in our place last year and a bought a makepovertyhistory wrist band to help. 8) I accepted your invite already. thanks much!