Life and Ease

July 26, 2008 8:16am CST
In the modern , The life is too toil and too bored . How are you feel ?
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@jintao23 (50)
• China
26 Jul 08
I don't agree with you. a person's life is toil or not always depends on in what way you live it and in what attitude you choose to live. A modern world can never give you a bored life except yourself. "Life is like a bottle of chocalate, and you never know what you are going to get." Did you ever hear this sentence said in Forrest Gump? Cause life is full of surprises, why not live your happy life in a happy mood in this happy modern city?
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
26 Jul 08
You are right zero, we toil fro nearly everything! I hope we dont start toiling for fresh air! irecall when we were growing up, water ws a free good, today eerything has been commercialized! Even to visit the toilet, should go to my city and hope to isit a public toilet free, you will be in for rude shock-there is nothing for free, which means you must toil!
@asm_ph37 (60)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
I do feel good with what GOD has given me. I'm very thankful for the blessing HE has given to me and my family.
@heartonfire (4131)
• Denmark
26 Jul 08
It is true that maybe in the other centuries, people worked harder for their survival, meaning they had to hunt, build homes with their bare hands, make tools and so on..but even nowadays it's a continuous fight for living ...people manage to make their life difficult,even with all the technology development that should ease our life
• United States
26 Jul 08
The modern life does not leave people enugh time away form work, so in tat way, yes..I think that is boring. even kids are expected to always be studying or working, leaving them little time to relax or play outsifde with friends! People need some time out form having to do responsibilities to juts get out once in a while and have free time to PLAY!