How earn more?

July 26, 2008 1:12pm CST
what is the better way to earn more money using mylot? post some new discussion? reply discussion already started? post some photos? how do i earn some stars? and them give you more money? how much is you rank high more money you receive? best responses is more valuable than others responses? how can i use my blog to earn money with the mylot? if i refer a friend i earn money even if him/her do not post? or i earn just one certain % about what did him/her earn? how much post daily should i do to earn a minimum of 1U$ daily? and about the lines how much should be to reach this value? i earn more posting more or make more lines? e.g if someone post just 1 with 20 lines and i post 4 with 5 lines. who earn more? i hope i did not forget any question =p
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@chrisone (99)
• Belgium
26 Jul 08
lol i'll tell you that within a month :D idk and yes yoru right it could be a progressive and nice option if they told us the newbies how much we could earn with what :-) yours trully chrisone
@boxieblue (336)
• India
26 Jul 08
none of the Mylot users know how much you earn for your activities. your beast bet is to do a little of each every day and see how it works out. alternately, you can experiment yourself and find out...for example, tomorrow, make just 5 responses of 50 words each and see how much u get