I love gwen stefani and you?

July 26, 2008 3:53pm CST
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• Canada
27 Feb 09
I love gwen stefani, in no doubt and as a solo artist! Ive been to both her concerts as a solo artist and they were amazinggg! And my cousin just got us tickets for her concert that she is doing with No doubt! I cant wait!
@lannav (75)
5 Sep 08
Yeah I love her music and have followed her since about 1996. I don't think she has sold out at all. She seems to still be influensed by the same things etc. Gwen isn't the only member of No Doubt and arn't they supposed to be doing a new album too. She was always the focal point of the band and, unlike to front people, she as stayed right at the front of public eye. She is still friends with band members, does shows with them and writes with them. I don't think she's a sell out just because she has bettered herself.
@pdexdee (224)
• Serbia And Montenegro
24 Aug 08
excellent singer i love all her songs!
@pukaprat2 (442)
• United States
26 Jul 08
i only have two words for that: SOLD OUT. she swore up and down that she wouldnt leave no doubt and then you see her mixing it with rappers that arent even her style. then you have her doing a solo thing which sucked!! she once was a great artist- now, with her clothing line, commercials with Hp and so forth- its no longer about the fans its about money