What is the origin of English language?

@alpha7 (1910)
July 26, 2008 4:07pm CST
What is the origin of English language? Was it taken out of sevral laguages ,i understood that it's no man's language!
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• United States
26 Jul 08
Of course it was from several languages - every language around today has develpoed from an earlier form, that developed from languages colliding and blending when peoples, cultures did. There was some kind of proto-Briton language, then a lot of Celtic/Germanic/Norse added. Later, there was that whole Norman/French blending that had a big effect. The blending went both ways (I say this shockingly to a Frenchman). Is it no man's language? Yes, the contrast between French and English as they are treated by their speakers today is one of how pure or how readily inclusive the language is. That promiscous wench, English, is spread all over, absorbing and producing new words....generating wider understanding or incomprehension? Is it no man's language or everyone's language? To make things perfectly unclear: I speak no language properly; I'm an American.