what is the best time of year too sell things??

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July 26, 2008 7:48pm CST
I have been saving my items that I want too sale on ebay until fall and early winter, with the thought that it will be close to christma. I have never had luck selling during the summer time. I think becuase there are too many people going to yard sales, or just plain doing stuff out and not spending time online . Maybe I am wrong. when is the best time that you have sold stuff on ebay??????
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2 Aug 08
I guess during November since it gives you time to ship the item.
@Barbietre (1440)
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31 Jul 08
Yes everything has seasons on Ebay. My Mom gave me old gowns to sell for her. I told her I would start in the fall with homecomins and holidays following. In the spring there are proms and weddings. There are a few things that sell sell year long. But in the summer many people are off on vacations so it is not a great time.
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30 Jul 08
Now is not the best time to sell because I listed many items on none got bids on it.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
27 Jul 08
I stopped selling on ebay about 2 years ago when the fees got so high, my little bit of business couldn't handle the hit. Now, although not regularly, I sell in my local area free paper called Recycler - and on Craigs List. I have been doing this for about 4 mnths now, and have moved quite a few odd ball things. I was selling children's books on ebay and had alot left over and just couldn't make myself trash them and I get tired of giving to thrift stores and they sell them for outlandish prices. So I gave these two places a try. Free all around! I have been putting things like this nad things around my house -I am moving in about 3 months - and just putting them up there and renew every Sunday those that don't sell. This week I sold a box of hte children's books and a I Love Lucy afghan that I had left over from Ebay days. - Acutally I had 2 of these afghans and sold them both from Recycler. Never hurt to do it when it is free - money is all mine!!