Do you hate sticky lip gloss?

United States
July 26, 2008 9:11pm CST
One time, I bought a couple tubes of clearance priced lip gloss. It was a really good deal, maybe a dollar per tube. And that was about 75% discount. But when I got the lip gloss home and tried it out, turns out that it was no good. The lip gloss was sticky and when I moved around my hair would stick to my lips. And it had a funny smell! So I never used it again. Maybe that's why it was such a good deal! What type of lip glosses do you hate? Do you ever buy clearance priced lipgloss and then find that it's no good?
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@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
27 Jul 08
Hi Beauty..I used to love lip gloss but like you its always too sticky and my long hair always gets into it..especially when the window is open in the now i wear just chapstick and have the softest lips in
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• United States
29 Jul 08
And we don't have air conditioning in the car, so I have to avoid lip gloss completely on road trips or end up looking like an English sheepdog with hair glued to my face!
• United States
28 Jul 08
I have a lot of really really sticky lip glosses that are suppose to be like that {for example sweet talk from victorias secret} the stickier the gloss the shinier it is but i found out if you put a lip balm under it it isn't as sticky.
@gemini_rose (16194)
27 Jul 08
Yes I do! The other day I went to the shop and because I had spent a certain amount of money the girl told me I could choose some makeup of the counter free. I thought it was great and chose a lip gloss but I was soon disappointed when I tried it and it was really sticky, it was horrible. No wonder it was free.
• United States
27 Jul 08
I absolutely hate sticky lip gloss. I have bought a few "clearance" priced tubes of lip gloss and they were all like that. I usually buy Avon lip gloss, it's pretty cheap anyways, plus because I sell it I get a discount. It is on sale like all the time, so I stock up. I do hate when my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss. It's just a weird and gross feeling in my opinion. I use covergirl and maybelline lip gloss as well. I usually like the lip gloss I buy though.
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
27 Jul 08
hi beautyqueen! you bet i do. i was once given a lipgloss tube with an applicator, the one that is like a liquid. and i hated it! i think it was maybelline. when i applied it, it felt that my lips had thickened! it was crazy. and it felt itchy, too. so i stopped using it altogether. i thought it was because of the kind of lipgloss, but i guess it was the brand. because somebody else gave me another brand and it was better. hehe okay, gotta go! God bless you dear!
• Canada
27 Jul 08
I don't use lip gloss, so this is never a problem.