Madden 07-08 Differences/ Similarities

@Gorcon (320)
United States
July 26, 2008 11:34pm CST
I find that Madden 07-08 are really similar and there's virtually no difference between the two versions of the game apart from the layout and look of the game. They just made the kicking/punting alot more difficult in Madden 08, it's extremely frustrating at times and takes time to get used to. Also (maybe it's my computer), but the realism of the players is ok and the commentating gets old, as Madden says the same thing about every player. However I'm not taking away from the fun of playing Madden, it's extremely fun and I love playing it, I just think it's a rip off to make just minimal changes from year to year to the game that don't make any difference. The only huge jump in quality I've seen is from 08 to 09. You can see game clips and trailers for Madden 09 on Youtube.
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