Where the heck are the responses to my post go?! Why was it deleted?

@iskayz (5422)
July 27, 2008 1:05am CST
Hi everyone! I made a post about 2 weeks ago about flip flops. I have recevied many responses that reaches to almost 60 and up to now I still receive some. But when I logged in today to choose the best response some of the responses are missing. Yesterday all the responses are still posted and now only 19 of them are remaining. What happened?! Why was it deleted? The topic was good and so are the responses. Nothing was said rudely and violating of any sort. Deleting the responses would also affect the members who responded to it. OMG!!! I'm fearing that mylot might decrease my earnings when they update it today cause its nearing end of the month and usually this is the time that they start deleting, decreasing etc, etc, post and earnings. If they will, oh its so unfair!
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