Neobux - is there really anyone who is not a member there?

@Emiese (994)
July 27, 2008 6:38am CST
Neobux is one of the most famous ptc sites, in my opinion. I have not yet met anyone in this "line of business" that either are a member of or know of Neobux. Today I just requested my second payout, and as most of you know it pays instantly. Just by the press of a button I get it to my Alertpay account, and as I found today, you can also get it to your Paypal account! This immediate payout is in my opinion one of the few good things about the site. In regards to the actual ad clicking there is much to ask for. With only 4-5 ads per day it takes a long time to get to payout, even if their payout is fairly low to begin with. So at least for me I am glad they have the option of referral rentals etc. But even if Neobux in my opinion does not come highest on the list of sites where you make money "easily" it is still a favourite to many people because of its reliability. This is also why I think almost everyone is a member there! What do you think? Are you a member of Neobux, are you still clicking? Is there anyone out there who is not a member (yet), or are you a previous user that has given up on the site?
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