Spiritual Healing

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July 27, 2008 8:49am CST
Spiritual Healing In today’s world healing is well-known besides all medical therapies. Mostly it is also called natural healing therapy or system. People know about Reiki natural Healing System (known as Reiki Healing in general), Natural Pranic Healing System (known as Pranic Healing in general), Karuna Reiki, Sujok Healing System, Energy healing system and so on… There is also Spiritual Healing. I have seen books in which mostly all healing systems are introduced under the title of spiritual healing. And no one say NO to these things! How one can say also! Because there are need of alternatives and such healing systems have provided positive things too! But here we will try to understand these words, Spiritual Healing; and then we will see that what it means in real! As per dictionary meaning spiritual word is derived from spirit. Spirit means non-physical or emotional seat of the person, which is surviving after death, some time manifested as ghost or super natural being; besides this, spirit is used in a sense of righteousness and positive attitude also. At the same time when we say spiritual it is connected with non-physical, meaning first opposite to material and physical thing. So many times in western countries this word is also used for a reference of ghost like things or bad spirit type things! There is also an association with religion and religious beliefs. There are other meanings, which have sect wise and culture wise diversity, but mostly in western countries spirit and spiritual both the words are used with non-physical as well as ghost and bad spirit concepts at a time! Let us see one more word SOUL to understand spiritual word. Soul means spiritual or immaterial part of a human, regarded as immortal. It is also known as moral and emotional identity of the person or considered as intellectual energy. Thesaurus has most of the alternatives regarding the word. It indicates spiritual as unworldly, otherworldly, incorporeal, immaterial, ethereal, ghostly, and supernatural; also mentioned that in spiritual writings this word is used as holy, sacred, divine, pure, pious, devotional etc.! The word Soul has this type of meanings; spirit, psyche, essence, heart, reason, mind and embodiment; it means divided clearly from the body! There are other touches regarding the usages, such as, energy, vitality, sensitivity, sympathy, tenderness, compassion and understanding too! This clears that there are different perspectives related with the usages of these two words in western culture and societies! Now let us see how eastern people understand these words: spiritual and soul. As we know that language exchange process has some kind of similarity in meaning and usages will help to translate the word in other language/s and mostly it is done by the concerned persons who know both (or multi) languages! But it is also true that you can not translate the same essence of the word some time. Same example we can give regarding these two words; spiritual and soul. We have tried to understand the western concept of these two words generally usages of them and main thing is these words are their own English language! So when we look these words with eastern references then there would be some kind of similarity we will find, but not the exact meaning: Let us understand with little details. As far as Indian languages are concern, the words indicating similarity with these two English words are Aadhyatmik (spiritual) and Aatma (soul). Aatma means whose existence is fore ever; no one can kill him, burn him, and destroy him. This meaning does not go at all level with the word soul! Aadhyatmik (spiritual) means the things more and more about Aatma (soul) and his relation and connection with the god! These both the meanings and its references are really different than the English usages of these two words Spiritual and Soul! Mostly all the eastern cultures and philosophies have the same meaning of these words in their respected languages. Now we can try to understand the Spiritual Healing term in the perspectives regarding eastern references and meaning then it will be different than what the western usages are indicating. When healing comes direct from the Aatma (soul) to heal the patient by reaching to his/ her Aatma (soul) means Spiritual Healing: This shows that the activation of the patient’s Aatma (soul) is also participating in healing and so recovery becomes fast and healing removes the ailment/ illness! If we frankly try to understand the deep thing related with this type of healing process; then who has not realized the Aatma (soul) can not do spiritual healing, because how s/he can reach the patient’s Aatma (soul) to activate and participate him in the process! Well, I have tried to discuss this term with a little details of the languages, meanings and references to understand the world wide synchronizing process of culture and thoughts and integrity of the knowledge! So let us conclude with an understanding that spiritual healing could be done or performed or applied by spiritually awaken persons, who have the humble knowledge to heal the patient by activating his/ her soul! What do you think? Or feel?
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29 Jul 10
healwell, thanks for all the information. it is quite a big topic.. but, alas.. all these years, it is lying dormant. ... wish you best.