Does anyone else remember this show?

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July 27, 2008 9:44am CST
I was just wondering if anyone here remembers the show Popular, it was on the WB network in 1998-2000 I believe, something like that. It lasted only 2 seasons, but it was fairly popular(no pun intended.. LOL), but for some reason they decided to have a massive cliffhanger at the end of season 2 and never even bothered to tell the fans what exactly happened. Even after all these years this bugs me! Because this was my favorite show, and I still like it a whole lot! I even have both seasons on DVD, I was so thrilled when they released them! [b]So.. Did you ever watch Popular? Were you totally freaked out that they didn't tie up the loose ends? Do you think that Brooke McQueen was killed when Nicole hit her with the car? If you remember the show ended with ambulance sirens! Any other comments? [/b]
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@Reesers (1387)
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28 Jul 08
I remember Popular! It was one of my favorite shows. I missed a big chunk of it when I moved because my roommate at the time didn't have cable, which is the only way her tv would really work. So she only got one channel and that was CBS. But we finally got cable and I was able to see the last show. We were both shocked! You could hear us both gasp. I was so disappointed to hear that it had been canceled, especially with a cliffhanger like that. You would think they would at least come back or do something so we would know what happened. Now we'll always be wondering! Just over a year ago I noticed it was on DVD. I haven't picked it up yet but the price was crazy but I would love to have it.
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28 Jul 08
Cool! I was hoping that someone else watched it! Yea, I really think they should have done something, like even one more hour long episode or even better, a 2 hour movie to tie up loose ends! haha.. to this day whenever I see one of the actors from that show I think of Popular! Oh yea, the seasons on DVD are really expensive! I asked for them several years ago for Christmas, that is mainly when I get my dvd's and stuff, and I ended up getting both seasons! But I definitely had been wanting it for a long time before I got them! haha I have marathons a lot of times, but I am that way with all my favorite shows! :)
13 Jan 09
I have to say I didn't read the last bit of your post because I've only just watched series 1, well 2 more episodes to go. They showed it over here in the UK when it came out but I only remember one series and even then I only saw the odd episode. I am now catching up with it as I rememebr quite liking it even though it wasn't quite my thing. I really liked it, I was reading on wikipedia about a cliffhangar of an ending to series 2 as they thought there would be another series after (it also mentions some of the things the creator wanted to do in series 3 on there) I think it's a great show but I wonder if it would have carried on it would have gone downhill, but they should have sprung enough cash to maybe do a one off extra length show so they could let the fans know what happened! I hope to get series 2 at some point this year so I know what happened. Freaks and Geeks ran at about the same time and that was cancelled also, and that was an amazing show, that was even shown over here too, before it got cancelled. I had to catch up on all the episodes once it was available to buy, even then I had to get it from the US.