now i more fedup... why has my star gone down? :(((( what i do wrong

July 27, 2008 10:42am CST
I really do not understand, as far as i know i have not upset people.. so why has my star gone from red to yellow? i just now noticed it. That mean some people given me a bad rating, or what??? and i would like to know why? i am never horrible to anyone.. but if it means i can not give my own opinions here, then really, what is the point being here? Why cant people here act like adults, and accept difference of opinion.. This is a joke since i know i have not offended people here i am well annoyed by this.. first of i am annoyed i can not copy n paste so constantly loosing discussions/responses and now this.. What is wrong with people here
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@mychattime (1013)
27 Jul 08
Oh no thats terrible, you poor thing! I don't understand the stars thing so really can't help you with that but I can offer you some sympathy. You should be able to say what you want on here without peopleacting petty and childish, at the end of the day everyone is different and so everyone has a different opinion after all if we were all the same it would be pretty boring! I've never given you a bad rating, wish I could help some more. Lets hope its just a mistake and you get your red start back soon. :-)
28 Jul 08
yes exactly and that is the whole point of discussions, to find out other peoples views, if you only agreed, it would all be boring.. i can not do that, i am me, i have my own views and thoughts, i not suck up to anyone, or become drama queen, not for any earnings or star rating i just little disappointed to think someone actually kept giving me negative.. so childish, seems i already have enemies here then, i feel.. you have to really not like someone to give a bad rating :( thank you anyway for your nice response.. thought no one was going to respond and that would have made me feel even worse here