lets play the clean up game on mylot

United States
July 27, 2008 10:57am CST
i know i have some discussions that have no reponses and to be honest i like to give best responses etc and get them cleaned up. ok this is how this works. the first person that responds goes into my discussions with no response and gives a response. then the next person goes into yours and gives a reponse etc etc. after you have went in and done it just write in this discussion that you helped clean up and your thoughts on it. it could really help alot of us. we all have some that no one ever said anything to i am sure. i have like 9 i think. please help. we can all do this and it just helps us all.
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@kimbers867 (2540)
• United States
28 Jul 08
Well I found one searching through myklj999's discussions. It was tough but persistence paid off! Great discussion, thanks for thinking of it!
• Denmark
28 Jul 08
hey i digged too but found none, ow well i will dig more:P
@heartonfire (4132)
• Denmark
27 Jul 08
I didn't quite understand what you mean,but if I can help by responding to this,then I happily do so... I always check out the discussions with no responses area, just to help people get their discussions back on track..and it is also nicer to be the first one giving a response,because it will be noticed and it will make a difference,instead of giving a response among other 50 or so,and it will be ignored... I have some discussions with no or few responses too, but not many people bother to check out my profile.. And I also have like 30 pages of good discussions People are mostly shallow :(