a total of how many movies you had watched in your whole life??

@dreamssri (1796)
July 27, 2008 1:33pm CST
i dont know how many movies i have watched till now... but surely,i should have watched more than 500 movies...its just a wild guess...and im gonna think on this and will tell you an approximate value tomorrow,as a comment for your response.... now tell me... whats your score????
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@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
28 Jul 08
My Husband bought a Home Theathre so we will both enjoyed for being together with any Hassle for some people compare to Cinema and I are more fanatic of watching a movie especially for Action movie and Horror so I guess it is more than 500 movies already and I also collected.....
• United States
27 Jul 08
Too many to count, lol. I was introduced to great films at an early age of three. I saw many rated R films by the time I was eight. I had parental supervision, of course. My family didn't want to block out that stuff because I'd learn about it some day. However, they did keep the overly graphic stuff away from me. I think right about now I have reached over 1000.
• United States
27 Jul 08
I'd say around... 400 movies. My favorite one is, unsurprisingly, the new batman movie. "The Dark Knight" Heath Ledger's Joker performance is amazing. What's your favorite?