"Silent Treatment" from a friend

@angelamp (241)
July 27, 2008 10:32pm CST
has any of your friends given you the cold-shoulder silent treatment and you just never knew the reason why you are being treated that way?
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• Switzerland
17 Apr 10
I am receiving the cold shower from one of my friend after a fight. I just told her that some of behaviour was harmful (bad joke in presence of her daughter), we talked by phone in December and I have no news. I tried to contact her several time but nothing happens. It is very harmful, because I like communication. This kind of behaviour is just childish and stupid. I understand that we need a cooling off but after a while I think if the person is not ready to talk to you, it is respectful to inform the other friend. I am not a medium and I cannot read in my friend's thoughts. Silent treatment can be an abuse, or some people use it to manipulate others. They are like sulcky kids :-(( I really hate that. These last days I informed another friend that I was cutting off our relationship for some reasons, but now for her it is CLEAR !...I just explained in a few words why. But when someone gives you the cold shower it is really silly.
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
That usually happens when one is envious of you. You know like when you got new stuffs, he or she may feel like she needed one too but she can't and he or she will think you're getting too proud or arrogant which is not really the case. There are other factors too like your friend is guilty of something then she'll reverse the situation by making it appear intentionally or not that you're at fault or to be blamed.
@jiangxj (45)
• China
29 Jul 08
yes.sometimes,one of my friends gives me cold-shoulder. but,i believe in that we are always friends,as i had never done anything to hurt her or him.and i will find right time to comfort him and take him from bad mood.
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
28 Jul 08
A few of my friends had in the past. But I usually was able to make them talk about why they're suddenly not talking to me. Then everything would be fine after that. I did give someone the cold shoulder years ago and didn't even explain anything to her. I just didn't feel like talking to her. Just being moody.