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@mimico (3619)
July 27, 2008 11:21pm CST
Is it just me, or do you guys notice the increased quality of discussions here on myLot? For some time, I've been seeing really boring posts under the "top" discussions link which is why I haven't been doing a lot of responding myself. But today, everyone seems to be myLotting and the activity is just crazy! I've been glued to my chair for an hour now and I have three tabs on myLot open just to keep up with the new discussions coming in. I love it! I think it may have something to do with payout coming close, but I'm not really sure. Keep up the good job everyone!
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
REally?? Thats good! I mean Ive had my experiences of high and low activities here in myLot since Im always here. Ive had those moments when the topics are just too general, something that I cant relate to, have links in them, or are just repetitions of some old discussions that Ive responded to and I dont wanna repeat myself again in trying to answer the same topic/question. I have noticed though that there seems to be more discussions that I can respond to. Like with your experience, you have three tabs, I only have two tabs but I go back and forth just trying to respond to those that I am interested in. So I know what you might have felt. Maybe you are right about your speculation.^_^ Because Im guilty as charged. Im the opposite though. When I have to go out of myLot for a while I always try to leave a discussion for the community so at least Im still participating but indirectly. Now that it is nearing the end of the month and it has been one of my goals to reach payout for the month, I think Ill post myself silly until Im sure Im in the clear. Only have 3 days left and I still have to make more than $3. Dont have the luxury of time so Im trying to squeeze in as much as I can. Happy myLotting!^_^