what do u think abt "love is life"??

@aengra4 (363)
July 28, 2008 4:15pm CST
hello friends, we have listened this sentence in many movies, serials, have read this in many books...so what love is really...do u think love is life.. as we read in newspapers and see in news , many lovers commit suicide when remain unsuccessful in love..that means love is life bcoz if they really got their love then, they will have the life. the other side , those who cant got their love are still doing well afterall, marriage is not the symbol for the true love.. so what do u think abt "love is life"..??
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@mansig (67)
30 Jul 08
i agree with this love is life it gives the true meaning to your life.I have fallen in love and i know that when is not there with you than how do you feel and when we are accompning with our love than we feel that we are on the top of the world.but i don't agree with that when people don't get their love they commit sucide.I mean this is not the way.if from your side you have given your 100% than don't worry you will really get your true love it is just the test of love and after commiting the sucide people loose the test in between only. I believe that If the person who you love to,don't love you that means you deserve much better than him or her and he or she doesn't deserve you.
• India
29 Jul 08
i cant tell u if love is life. but i surely can say dat "life is love" it means dat love is d most important thing in life... all d hatryed, jealousy, envy is of no use as u dont get anywhere wid it... n dats y deres dis 1 big rule "SHOW LOVE TO GET IT BACK" n i bet its true.