..What should i do?

July 28, 2008 10:44pm CST
hi everyone.. I have this friend whom i trusted so much.. Last year, she needed money badly together with his husband.. I don't have cash that time so i lend them my credit card because they said they are going to pay me after 6 months.. However, something happened and they never paid the amount they used.. I had been paying it since.. Now, i can't anymore pay the balance on my credit card that they used because i don't have sufficient money so i talk to them and said that they will be the one to pay since they did not pay me after 6 months.. They said yes.. Because I trusted my friend so much, i take her word.. however, the company of the credit card always call me if i already settled the payment.. I was wondering because my friend said she paid already.. months passed and the company continues to call me.. When i finally get in touch with my friend, she insisted that she paid already so i ask the receipt but she can't show me any.. last month, she promised me that she'll pay.. I took her word again.. however, same as before, she didn't actually pay.. This is my problem now because I have insufficient money to pay the credit card and the interest is going higher.. My friend doesn't anymore reply to my emails.. i can't call her because she doesn't have her cellphone.. What should i do? I'm already getting mad at my friend for fooling me.. they always promised me to pay because they were the ones who used my credit card.. please advise me.. thanks.. I'm getting pissed off everytime the company calls me..
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@relundad (2311)
• United States
29 Jul 08
Unfortunately the only thing that you can do is to try and make arrangements with the credit card company to pay off the balance. Your credit is the one that is suffering as a result of. For the six months that you were paying you already were adding up interest, so that was the first mistake is that it was gonna cost you more than they were gonna pay you back. 2nd mistake was as soon as month 5 passed you should have been asking about the payment due. 3rd you should have collected the money to make sure that YOUR credit card was paid. 4th you sure as hell should not have taken her word for it a 2nd time. I would tell the friend that you stood for her when times were rough, you have paid the interest for all of these months, and now your credit is suffering as a result of something that benefited her and her husband. Not that you would be telling her something that she doesn't already know. I would tell her that she at least needs to try and make the minimum payment on a regular basis to try and salvage your credit. But don't be surprised if she promises that and doesn't do it, because she really doesn't give a sh!t about you or your credit. If you are in the US you should take her to small claims court if you can prove that it was her purchase.
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
..thanks.. well, yeah.. that was really my mistake.. maybe i trusted her so much..
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
I think you should consult a lawyer regarding your problem. He/She can answer all your questions... You really should give your friend a lesson-- and you shouldnt consider her a friend anymore because of what she has done to you. Probably, you could sue her and make her pay for all the money you have paid on her behalf.
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
..yeah.. thanks..
@ashar123 (2359)
• India
19 Aug 08
After reading all your discussion, its better for you to never quote your so called friend as "friend" because friends are not like this. Your friend only passed her time with you and used you. The person who used his or her friends for some reasons is not a friend. If you are willing to be my friend, give me the details of your credit card company and I shall pay it for you. A friend is need is always the friend indeed. I am waiting for a reply from you.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
so you call this friends? i think they are not treating you as a friend. i dont have friends. mt friend is my wife and my child. during my school days i have friends that only pushed me to do something bad. they told me to get the cars keys of my dad and go drving around. while we are driving a car near us was inviting us fr a race and i said no. but my friends wanted me to. okay it was my fault and i shouldnt listen to them.... we got into an accident that leads me hitting a bystander and the car was damaged. so from them on i no longer had friends. i do had some aquainted people but no one to go hang out with. so back to your story. stop calling them friends. they dont treat you like one. she is a good actress and a good lier as well. telling you she paid already. banks dont lie if someone paid already that will register on your account. what did they purchased with your credit card? get it if it something you can use. it is not easy to pay a credit specially that you are aware that it is not you who used it.