help me make my pc fast..

July 29, 2008 2:11am CST
hi this time..taking no chances ..i`ve installed a firewall, anti spyware, anti virus...all of em to keep my pc safe...but what i realise is my pc has become slow as a you could all suggest me some tricks or some softwares to make my pc work fast or at least boot swfitly...
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29 Jul 08
hmmm.. I would suggest the software "Smartclose".. It closes the applications that you don't need but I strongly advice that after you use this application, be sure to open again your anti-virus and anti-spyware and other stuffs.. But I think, the most effective would be cleaning your hard disk, especially if you have small disk capacity.. If your disk has small capacity, you can defrag at least once a month.. Or, you can upgrade your computer with higher memory.. :D Hope i helped.. :D
• India
29 Jul 08
if you use internet on your computer daily then i suggest you keep all those programs if you aren't then try uninstalling the firewall coz windows firewall is good enough but if you want these programs to be on your pc then upgrade your pc's configuration.
• Bangladesh
29 Jul 08
Anti viruses makes your pc slow. So use those anti virus that does slow your pc. Do not use seperate anti virus, anti spam, firewall. Use one brand anti virus for use. actually use package anti virus software. keep increase your ram.
@MizukiZHR (611)
• China
29 Jul 08
Hi,ajooba.I think you can check whether there are too much junk files in Temp of Disk driver C of your computer.If so,just delete all of them is ok.Then in my opinion you should use anti-virus to check whether there are viruses or trojan horses in your computer because they will also slow down your computer.As for which anti-virus to choose,I think Kaspersky is a good one.I have used it for several yeras and it haven't let me down.Wish your computer can be faster.Have a nice day!