wat's your view point about the social networking sites....???

July 29, 2008 2:21am CST
THE social networking sites like orkut, highfive, facebook etc. hav changed the lives of many.. particularly the single baings.. wat do u think..??? aren't these sites help us to meet new people and share our view points... and know about culture and interests of people..
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• United States
1 Aug 08
I think they are a great way to meet new people and talk to someone new, but are not a good substitute for dating in real life. While there are numerous "success" stories about online relationships, I have never met anyone in person who was in love with someone they met on facebook,etc.
• China
31 Jul 08
Well...frankly speaking, It makes an important role in our life. The people dating online become more and more. I met my soul match on singleparentloving.com . So It's hardly for you to say "no use at all". Maybe one day you will find the interests of dating online.