What do you do when you are feeling crappy?

@skaterx (530)
July 29, 2008 4:13am CST
It doesn't matter what the reason is, just tired, or pms, or bf/gf/partner left you, or had a bad day etc. What do you do to cheer yourself up or feel ok? Sometimes I get up and my back hurts and I already feel a bit like im in a bad mood, or getting up and I haven't slept well:o. What do you do?
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@darlene06 (284)
• Philippines
29 Jul 08
i've never been in a relationship so i've never experienced having a break up with a boyfriend but i'm totally sure that i've had bad days and there are times when i really feel tired.. well, what i usually do when i'm having a bad day is that i watch a movie on dvd or treat myself for some ice cream.. but whenever i feel tired, i usually sleep to regain my strength.. in this way, i'll be able to think well again ...
@skaterx (530)
• Finland
31 Jul 08
Yeah I think i do similar things, just listen to music, watch a movie, or eat some icecream, or go out and do something fun.
@baintidy (10)
• China
29 Jul 08
i can listen music ,go out home to search someone who looks like happy. happy person can make me cheer up.