why we have dreams?

July 29, 2008 10:04am CST
I'm confuse guys why is it everynight I got a dream, sometimes its bad sometimes is cruel, confusing, and even a very complicated dreams, like I'm in a strange place I thought I recognize but when I wake up I cant find any clue where is that place..weird isn't it..just wondering here why we have dreams
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@nini89 (670)
• India
31 Jul 08
Even I too don't know why we have dreams at night if it is a good dream then it is okay but when we had a strange one we will be frightened the whole night and will not be able to sleep the rest of the night. People say the dreams are the situations,consequences which we go through the day or which we experienced on day time. As you are in a strange place and might be thinking of some sought of fear facts. and your whole mind will be the strange thing which reveals in your dreams. So dont be frightened and be bold if you are in a strange place. Every day pray to god before going to sleep that no strange dreams to be dreamt and to keep you healthy. I too will pray for you. Happy mylotting and have a nice day.
31 Jul 08
thank you nene89...yah if i do pray at night i dont have a bad dreams...but also Im just in a congusion right now..so thats why my mind went crazy sometimes..but thanks
• Brazil
29 Jul 08
it is a really good question to be did for any scientist of something like this Oo but you have bad dreams... have you already have any bad nightmare? xD thanks, Scorpionok.
29 Jul 08
yah had a very bad dreams before sometimes, maybe becuase i have a very complicated sitautions now, always changing plans and everything, no sure of the future what will happend and where I stay..
@jersey86 (1348)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
we have dreams cause dreams are already a part of our life.. we do dreams for a certain things that we keep on thinking most likely watching a horror movie and you keep on thinking for that movie so in that since it would really affect in you mind.. that's it =glensgirl