July 29, 2008 10:54am CST
clear and simple what is your preffered movie mine is ABSOLUTLY the matrix :-) due to my obsessio with computers eh :D...
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• Philippines
1 Aug 08
Matrix is the best, I even named my daughter after Trinity. :)
• China
2 Aug 08
a good name
• Belgium
2 Aug 08
nice :-) one of the main players , and a verry beaufitull name for a girl also :-) tx for your comment and may your daughter grow up nice and healthy ...
31 Jul 08
i like the first one in MARTIX ,i never see the OCEAN xx
• Belgium
31 Jul 08
hey your right anyway :D the matrix is better also tough it's more schi-fi ;-) ocean is more a sophisticated casinorobbery :D hey tx for your reaction m8 ;-)
@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
29 Jul 08
I liked the original Matrix. Past tense. Like Highlander, and like the prequels to Star Wars, the creators managed to come up with subsequent films so awful that they actually managed to spoil the original retroactively. They leave such a bad taste in the mouth that I can't actually bear to watch them any more. This is why I've never watched Blues Brothers 2000; I know it'd do the same thing. It's odd that the Matrix is your favourite due to your love of computers, when they're not really a central theme of it. There's a bit of tappy-tappy at keyboards now and then dramatically, but nothing they use resembles any computer we've ever used or probably will. They're Hollywood PCs, with snazzy interfaces and spectacular explosions when they crash. I'm glad my PC doesn't blow me across the room when it goes wrong. If anything, I'd say the strength of the Matrix films are their questioning of what's real, what's not, and how we tell the difference. It's not a new idea (............ was doing this as early as the sixties, and Huxley thirty years before him), but it's one that people seem to enjoy. Never seen any of the Ocean's XX films, to be honest. Keep toying with it. On the one hand, I'm not an enormous fan of George Clooney. On the other, Eddie Izzard's in them;) I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite film, my tastes change from day to day. If I'm forced to, I usually say Casablanca, because I can't see how the original could ever be improved upon. That said, I won't put it past Hollywood to churn out a version in a few years with Keanu Reeves and Sarah Jessica Parker;) (edit: Somewhere in this, Mylot is claiming there's an objectionable word. I'm trying to figure out what it is, possibly the XX. Go figure;)) (edit edit: Figured it out: Where the row of dots is, there should be a popular sci-fi author's name, who wrote the stories that became Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, and A Scanner Darkly, among others. His first name is Philip, middle initial K, and his surname rhymes with 'Wick'. :P)