What do you do when you waitte for ebay auctions to end?

@cyberfluf (5005)
July 29, 2008 1:08pm CST
I love ebay because it's my portal to new my little pony products (well, basicly second hand as most items I collect are from the 80's but new to my collection I mean ) and it's easy to use. There are less good stories about eBay and I actually was hacked once but eBay treated me very well with solving it and I had no trouble going through that and I still use it every now and then to get items that aren't available in my own country by other collectors or never were available here anyway. I get so excited when an auction is running and allmost ending that I don't know what to do in the mean time as I don't want to be outbid in the last couple of seconds. If it's something I've been wanting for a long time I can actually start biting my nails with anticipation, luckily I allready rip them off whenever they get to long so they are basicly allready ruined.... lol! . I'm watching an auction right now and it will end in about 10 minutes. I think I will stick around on mylot in the mean time while refreshing the page every now and then. What do you do when waiting for an online (ebay) auction to end?
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