Campus Safety

@sedel1027 (17854)
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November 4, 2006 9:48am CST
New Orleans has tons of crime, but it has never seeped into the Colleges. Last week a man was found murdered in a UNO (University of New Orleans) dorm room. When he was found, he has already been dead quite a few days (makes you wonder why no one smelled it). Since hurricane Katrina many of the satfey features like gaurd on campus 24/7 had to be removed for money reasons. Now with this murder, they are trying to bring them back. Peronsally, I have been to this college quite a few times and I thought it was the safest campus in our area. I went to Loyola University for 2 years and people got mugged on a regular basis walking between their two campuses. If you are in college - or if went to college - is the campus you go to safe? Is crime common? What are the administrators doing about it?
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@Sailor (1161)
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4 Nov 06
Well I am no longer in college, but I used to work for USC Dept. of Public Safety. I know in their instance they tried to stay on top of that because no matter how u look at it a school is for students, but in colleges students equal $$$$, so they try to stay on top of things, but that doesn't always stop what happens in the community which will always work its way on campus unless it is curbed and u must remember that the students come from the communities. Things just don't stop because your in college.
@sedel1027 (17854)
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5 Nov 06
That is completely true. When I went to Loyola people got mugged off campus but they did everything to keep crime off campus (students paid $13K/year, Tulane right across the street was $21K/year at the time so much for $$$$ = safety). Unfortunately, they haven't released too much information on this killing - besides the identity of the person - to say what was the underlaying cause of the incident.