Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Issues

July 29, 2008 10:22pm CST
China resorted to killing many dogs to eradicate rabies. On the other hand, There are reports in the Philippines that dogs are being butchered and are eaten. It outraged those who may have heard of the news. However it should be noted that not all Filipinos are eating dog meats (and it's Illegal) and that issue is just from an isolated case in the Cordillera Region. Let it be known that the Philippines is a diverse island and there are many Ethnic minorities there that has different cultures that needs to be respected also. However, the Philippines has enacted Laws for animal welfare. This practice has been battling such practices. Many dogs have been reported to be rescued from suffering the same fate. A facility was also created to support animal welfare. It's a modern facility that is for the purpose of saving dogs and other animals. My question is, if you own a dog, what do you think are the most essential responsibilities of being a pet owner? What are other animal issues have you heard of and what do you think that should be done to address those problem/s?
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