describe a product that you buy regularly. what is it? where/ why do you buy it?

menthol candy - hard menthol candies
United States
July 30, 2008 1:08am CST
the dispensable item or product in my routine that i purchase regularly is a hard menthol has been my habit to buy some pieces of such whenever i go out for work or for hangouts. i want to have it readily available at any nearby neighborhood store that sells in retail or even on some ambulant vendors near the terminal where i take a ride. this is because a candy, as a simple form of sugar prevents me from turning hypoglycemic (the medical term that refers to a low blood sugar level)taht may sometimes happen due to the nature of my job. i work as a nurse and part of it is having an unpredictable eating schedule. in that way, a candy is very much helpful. how about you?
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• India
30 Jul 08
I buy chewing gum regularly. Used to be a coffee addict and took up gum to give up coffee. Now it looks like I can't get along without gum in my mouth.
@zer0charly (5618)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
way back college, my friends and I have the habit to buy "halls na dilaw".. it's a menthol candy also.. that's just our term.. so even though we haven't eaten yet and there's still classes going on. but now, I regularly buy instant coffee here in the office. it's keeps me up all day, and help to boost my energy. coffee is part of my morning, and can't concentrate if I don't drink it.
@riyasam (16578)
• India
30 Jul 08
i buy bathing soap regularly without which you can say i am lost.