Is Your man from mars OR Your women from Venus?

have you seen it - Author John Gray's new book cover for updated Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus book, lime green cover with fun title font with a man looking at top part of title and a youn lady in a hot baby blue dress against bottom portion of title
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July 30, 2008 1:27am CST
I saw in the 'New' section our library walking in that John Gray has a new updated version of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus he wrote back in 1992. I am not a complete fan of the book but I do see the logic in a lot that he has to say and use it in my day to day life. If your not familiar with the book, basically it just explains the differences of how a man and women approach relationships and the issues in them. Like men and women deal with stress differently or Men complain about a problem because they want real solutions while women tend to complain for the acknowledgement of others. In in the dealing with stress part, men will tend to "retreat to his cave" (words of the author) until he can find a solution and that may mean a game of golf or just tucked behind a newspaper like a lump on a log. The 'wave' concept is more about how women deal with stress by talking about the problem and except the same for their man to do but this results in his running away or 'retreating'. The wave theory talks about how women like to give and this creates a higher wave effect where it crashes and the women works to create the next wave by giving more. Anyways, I have not read the new updated book but intend to because its always good to get new tidbits and ideas and the tip that I use the most from MMWV is to let my man have his space when he is upset or worried about something and eventually he lets me in and lets me offer some solutions later or when I push too hard I find that he definately needs his space and lets it go and thats that. -------------------------------------------- What have you taken from John Gray's "Men Are From Mar's Books, Women Are From Venus" books and found useful in your relationship?What things about the book don't you like, is it about the man or the women?Have you even heard of this book?If not, what tools have worked for your relationships time and time again?
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