Is Stress an Evolutionary Tool?

Stress - Stress affects the persons with tiredness and lack of self confidance.
@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
July 30, 2008 2:16am CST
"No, no, I can't do that... Why do you not understand? After so much work in the office I can not ... I have a head and inside that there is a brain, which is as small as other human's brain, understood?" "Yes, it is really hard to deal with... You see, here my head is not in control, a burning feeling is here... You see just work and fill the family with needs is not a joke!" "My boss does not understand and every time he passes on his stress to me! Well I am his secretary, but I have my life; family and right to enjoy weekend with them but..." We all have heard this kind of sentences around us! Perhaps we might have uttered the same some time! Stress is a modern bubblegum stick to behind all of us and inability to remove it harasses us too! Our life style and our roles have certain kind of odd elements which are providing us money, facilities with stress! So this stress is invited by us and us only... It has contributed other things too: rush jobs, junk food, anger, forgetfulness, insomnias, memory loss, dullness, relationship crisis etc. etc. etc.! "All these are happening because of stress, not me! Do you get me, not me?""The stress is because of you and you only: You have chosen your ways and life style!"Well, the reality has its own implications. One can say that humanity is passing through very bed phase. So many people are under stress. Documents are showing that these kinds of cases are increased rapidly after 1995. Even students of 4th and 5th standards were also affected with stress and counseling was suggested for them too! Thinkers are seeing reasons related with the modern life style and the attitude of the people towards certain things which are creating or promoting the stressful element in a person. Sociologists observed that the changing pattern of the society is not understood by the concern people and so required steps were not taken through education and providing understanding of social scenario. This has affected the entire structure of social and family based life style and led the young ones towards confusion between freedom and responsibility. Well, there will be more things also which would have really made implications regarding stress, frustration and depression! Individual and personal conflict with the self would be also responsible for that, because mostly the result affects the individual. And when more individuals are affected then we bound to think that some thing has happened at our social level which has created this situation. But it is clear that stress leads for insecurity, anger, dissatisfaction, doubting, and then enters frustration and depression! Is it possible to stop the stress at its starting point? Because psychology is arguing that some kind of stress level inspires the person to go ahead and it leads really good results! But at the same time the so called ‘level' is really different for person to person! We know that tolerance regarding the pain has also variations individually! As per psychology when an individual crosses his/ her level of tolerance of stress, s/he starts to feel it as a burden or weight or even a heavy pressure in mind, few emotional persons will surely feel their heart heavy too! And this kind of experience leads such persons in to the area of stress as a challenge or problem or a headache of life or even an unwanted alien within! Then this becomes more problematic thing and person comes under that area needs help/ guidance/ friendly approach/ positive out look! Otherwise there will be other remedies of pills, and drugs, and alcohol and liker, which will be ended with addiction ... These all are unwanted things so what to do then? There are still few very positive things one can follow easily! First, we have to get that stress has negative touch besides psychologists believe it as an inspire element! Because when the inspiring stress become an alien within has no criteria and so its negative impact should be considered to deal with it! One has to understand that there is no possibility to become negative with positive thing. So if we look the stress with same logic then it should not be considered as inspiring element! Second, let us try to understand the stress with differently: The stress tries to provide us an understanding for our own capacity to increase the things like patience, peace, power of rejection, balancing our own interior things in which some hidden limitations as a human being are laying genetically! It opens the sky within after showing hundreds of tiny wholes in our self so that we can grasp the meaning of freedom, make ourselves free from stress, and easily set us for that task besides all odds! The stress is really a tool for evolutionary process and if one can learn and then apply to transform then it will work magically! We all can try to understand this by applying at least our efforts towards! I think this is the most positive factor related with stress if taken as change agent and accept the challenge!
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
30 Jul 08
I do believe that you can control or totally eradicate stress if you want to. It's jus a matter of sorting things out and analyzing what's bothering us.
@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
30 Jul 08
Hi Recon21, yes it is possible and I wish that you have the capacity to do so when such things happen in the life! I really hope that which way you have said this, you can do also! This way life build by person and it helps others!