Will the Middle East Ever Be At Peace ? ? ?

United States
July 30, 2008 3:16am CST
This subject is probably one of the most frustrating for me of them all. The middle east has always been a place of conflict whether it be because of differences in religioun, ethnicity or ideology. Do you think that the middle east will always be as messy as it is? Will Iraq ever know the meaning of 'a day without a suicide bomber'? Will Israel and Palestine ever stop bickering? Or will it always just be one war after another?
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@sivanj (1263)
• India
23 Sep 08
Its true that thre is soemthing hitting the headlines from here. They are not properly controlled. The people heer are alomost cursed to live such a bad life. There is no guarantee that you will return home in the evening if you leave in the morning. But i would point out one thing here. If Iraq or some other nation had grown it is because of the support given by US or europe. they want to sell weapons to someone. no body wants to buy weapons and have friendly relations with everyone. once they buy weapons they feel that others would be in thier control. thus they end up creating bad elements. at the ned of it again US emters the scene saying that it wants world peace. kills 1000s of innocent people and says that the bad elements are eliminated. I don't like war in any form. Lets pray we have a world with peace.