home depot or lowes..........seriously

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July 30, 2008 9:41am CST
Lately, this has been the topic of most discussions here in Colorado. Home Depot or Lowes. Remember when Home Depot first opened and they actually staffed people who were knowledgeable? When isles were clear to walk thru & neatly labeled so you didn't have to spend half a day finding things? When cashiers were friendly and curtious to your needs? Now, it is damn near impossible to find anything or get help. When I first went into Lowe's I was a little discouraged as in seeing English & Spanish Isle signs, but at least they are friendly and helpful; and their stores seem much more organized than Home Depot's. Also, the "self" checkout system; I am a bit torn with that one; if we can check ourselves out, shouldnt' we get a 5% discount on our purchase? Any discount for that matter? After all, we are saving you from paying 4 people hourly to just 1 (the person who monitors the registers). I would think that would be a good incentive to push more people to use them. I have had many discussions in line that if we have to pay full price; we'll wait in line for your $10.00 hr cashier. Either way; I am just saying somethings could improve.. I no longer shop at Home Depot; as I have gotten sick of their stores and service. I bought a greenhouse on line from them, it was missing parts; and they said it would be 6-8 weeks before I'd see them. I went to Lowe's-they did research, contacted the manufaturer of the greenhouse, had my parts next day. Home Depot sent me a $25.00 gift card for the inconvience; when I spent $2295.00, seems extremely unfair, I sent the card back with a REALLY long letter as to why I will no longer be shopping with them.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; and has a right to choose.
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2 Sep 08
i personally cant give my opinion as to which is better as i work for lowes but i will just bring up the fact that the reason you dont get a discount for the self checkout is that they are there to speed your purchase to help you get in and out faster vs waiting in line. also if they gave that discount it would put alot of cashiers out of a job
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30 Jul 08
I would have to say that i Love both. I like going to Lowes for my lumber materials, doors, and windows. I like going to Home Depot for there things like lamps and room deco etc. I am sorry for what they did to you and yes I agree that we need a discount if we check ourselves out.