My dog is a scared!!

July 30, 2008 9:55am CST
I have a big rottweiller about 100 or so pounds, she is a great dog. Very friendly and cute. She is a big dog so she stays outside. She has the whole entire garage to herself. She a couch to lay on with some blankets. Whenever we have a thunderstorm (like now) she opens up the back door with her paw and pushes open the heavier door to get in the house and down the basement where she will hide until the storm is over. She is the biggest chicken when it comes to thunderstorms. I also have little beagle that is not afraid like she is. Anyone else have a dog with a phobia?
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@Valenas (1510)
• United States
30 Jul 08
My dog is also afraid of thunderstorms. However, this has led her to be afraid of anything that could be associated with the sounds that occur during a thunderstorm. Sometimes when it simply rains she will come and find me and she will be shaking all over already. This fourth of July, she refused to even come with us outside of the house while the fireworks were going off, because she was afraid of the noise (it may have reminded her of thunder, I am sure). When it is about to storm, I give her a medication that is called Acepromazine ("Ace"). I just searched for it on Wikipedia and it does have a page, if you are interested in looking.
• Canada
30 Jul 08
Thanks I will check it out.
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6 Aug 08
In the philippines when it rains it floods and my dog is afraid of floods and the rain, maybe she's afraid of drowning or something.