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July 31, 2008 12:32am CST
Anyone would like to share about pay per post ? what different with mylot ?
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@movicont (495)
• United States
31 Jul 08
Are we talking about PayPerPost the site? Or pay per post the scheme? If it's the former, then PPP pays you for blogging about certain topics. myLot, on the other hand, focuses less on blogging (where one person writes a long article) and instead on discussions. myLot users are paid for every post they make (usually from 1 to 5 cents), whereas the pay scheme at PayPerPost depends on the pagerank, tone, and length. If you're talking about other pay per post sites, they each have their own rules.
• Indonesia
31 Jul 08
So which one is better Payperpost for blogging or my lot ?
@siddiqali (633)
• India
31 Jul 08 is an online website which offers bloggers an opportunity to get paid for blogging, there are a growing number of companies looking for professional bloggers to review their services and Payperpost acts as a medium between you(the blogger) and the company (who wants their services reviewed) as a member of Payperpost you can set your going rate, for example if you wanted to blog only for companies that would offer you $10.00 per blog entry then you could set your going rate to $10.00 and would be matched with any company that wishes to make use of your services. You could also take offers for a company that would like you to do a job and you can adjust the offer details and negotiate it with the company. As an example of this lets say I was reviewing Payperpost they can contact me and offer me the opportunity for $10.00 and also stipulate how they want the review done (positive tone, negative tone or neutral) so lets assume they say they want a positive tone, I could write them back and ask for $12.00 and tell them I don’t feel comfortable being forced to write a positive review and if they wish they can modify their offer to meet what you have asked for ($12.00 and a neutral tone) and you can then being writing on your blog and once your done you will be paid. This all sounds great, and even better they claim to pay you $20.00 for signing up and so I decided to give it a try and signed up on October 1st, which was 18 days ago at this point and the website says once you have signed up you must wait for your blog to be approved by customer love (their name for customer care) but you can begin taking opportunities that are available to you once you sign up. With most websites the company will get back to you within a day or two so I decided to take an opportunity which was open to me (actually the example above but it paid $20) and I wrote up the blog entry about why I signed up for Payperpost which included my referral link also. This means there should be a total of $40 in my account (for signing up and also doing the Payperpost blog) however, I am still waiting to have from “customer love” about approving my blog. I have not yet been paid anything and put a lot of work into a website that sends me a lot of spam email but has never gotten back to me to “approve” my blog. Clearly, this was a waste of time for me and you should avoid this website.