students need their zzzs to succeed

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July 31, 2008 8:08am CST
teenagers need nine hours of sleep a night and parents can help by getting them back on a school sleep schedule before classes begin,researchers suggest. early morning classes can be particularly hard on teenagers because "their circadian rhythms change at puberty and they want to go to sleep later and wake up later,"robert roberts,a professor at the university of texas school of public health,said on friday. "adolescents need nine hours of sleep a night and about a fourth of them get six hours or less,"he said. "most classes begin very early and for adolescents tht's the worst combination." a sleep study involving more than 3,100 students at four massachusetts public high schools produced some eye-opening results,according to roberts' coleague,professor michael smolensk. "the top students,the ones earning mainly a's and b's,went to bed earlier on both weekningts and weekends than those who received c's,d's and f's.the high achievers slept about 25 minutes longer on school nights than did the low achievers,"smolensk wrote in his book,"the body clock,guide to better health." roberts suggested that"students would be better off if high school classes started at noon and ended six or seven in the evening.they'd be much happier.of couse,their teachers might not be."
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31 Jul 08
Lol... all of us knows that even if your not a student you need to sleep ! haha but of course students needs enough rest for them to be active in their school. Some students at their early age, they usually sleeps early in the morning like for those students in the primary education. But as they grow old , they intend to sleep late at night because of some reason, maybe they have lots of assignment to be done, and some sleeps late at night because of their friends that also sleeps late! The environment affect also in their active lifestyles! And of course some of them sleeps late because they now have their lovelife... they think of their crushes every night so that why they cant sleep at night! haha... but of course students needs that rest for them to have enough energy for tomorrows active day!