Are you lucky in life or unlucky?

July 31, 2008 10:42am CST
For me I find that I can be lucky only sometimes. Maybe once I twice a year I have a spurt where I can be very lucky. But most of the time nothing ever goes in my favour. I wish for just maybe a month straight that everything I try to do would work in my favour. That never happens. How 'bout all of you guys here? Does everything work for you most of the time or not? I would like to win cash once and a while or just have plans work out the way they are planned. I mean i'm lucky with health and the health of my kids. But financially I just have no luck at all.
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• Malaysia
31 Jul 08
Just like you, luck never goes the way I want it to be. I find it hard to get good luck at times when I really want them. Because of this, I do not trust anything that requires luck such as lotteries. I believe that nothing will come without hard work and that is how I am living my life; working very hard to get what I want. I wish luck will come whenever I needed it.
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• Canada
31 Jul 08
Cheers to us both to have luck come looking for us!!
• Indonesia
31 Jul 08
I always consider that I'm lucky. Maybe not very lucky, but I feel that God bless me in every step. Even if I have a problem, I feel that I'm still lucky to have time and chance to solve it. And I'm so lucky to have a big supporting family that give me emotional support.