Massa Vs Kimi

@abhaijith (2962)
July 31, 2008 11:12am CST
Who is the best driver...............? Massa or Kimi
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@pdexdee (224)
• Serbia And Montenegro
23 Aug 08
kimi is very good
• India
1 Aug 08
It has to be kimi raikkonen.....more expierenced....more cool ..calm and collected...and a drivers best is seen at the times of trouble...massa has time and again is gr8 when the car is perfect but how he struggles in trouble the silverstone 08...spinning more than the washing machine..but kimi was able to fight back from 11th after the wrong set of tyres given to him...drivers standings dont show the real image...kimi has stuggled in mclaren so much that he can drive any car now...i think ferrari should give no 1 status to kimi if they want to dominate in F1 like they did with Michael...bcos he can take much more pressure than massa...
• India
1 Aug 08
I think kimi raikonnen is better driver than massa. Massa struggled under testing conditions,but kimi manages to perform well under every condition.
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
31 Jul 08
no arguments to make. massa is way far from kimi's standards and driving skills. look who won last seasons GP. how'd he crawled back inch by inch into limelight. how'd he beat hamilton and alonso considering how far he was in the driver's points at the half of last years season. no one would thought he can make it, stretch the race until the last GP an secure the first place by just a thin line of 1 point. even it is just a point but you could see how he climb the ladder to topple his opponents and took the drivers seat. massa is way, way out.!!
@rajeshfgh (1627)
• India
31 Jul 08
It has to be Kimmi Raikonnen by any stretch of imagination, in the current scenario. Kimi's a classic driver and Massa has a lot of catching up to do to come up to Kimi's standards!