No one wants to work together so vacations being ruined.

@alori61 (344)
United States
July 31, 2008 11:13am CST
I don't get much time off work, been really looking forward to the week off work and visiting my new grandbaby for the first time. The trip was supposed to start at 3PM on Tuesday, Yeah right first it gets delayed because a sudden storm strands my daughter at school, and flash flooding closes a dozen roads. She gets home finally at 4:30 and we try to load the car but of course like every other trip every one wants to go but no one wants to do the work to get ready to go. I get more and more irritated trying to get these 4 teens to help practically having to beg to get each one to carry something out and of course everyone is saying 'mom did you pack my...'? So we finally get down to the last things, and my son with his ever increasing smart mouth walks in and says so what are we going to do with the cooler it's to big to fit in the trunk, then proceeds to fight with his sister. I go to the car and head for the nearest dollar store and grab two small coolers. Get back to the house and tell my son move the stuff to the small coolers, and then get his stuff out he finally convinced me to let him stay home. Amazingly half an hour later not only is the big cooler in a trunk that's too small so is his stuff and every one is ready to leave. So the trip that was supposed to start at 3 is now finally started at 7. The drive: 879 miles, starte at 7PM (I had gotten up for work at 3AM), three drivers in the car, guess who ends up doing all the driving? So we finally get in at 9AM, I wanted to rest but noooooo.... we have to go see the baby first no time for a shower or nothing. So we get to my ex husbands house to see my oldest daughter and her 1 week old little girl. We are there less then 10 minutes and my ex husband hits the door gone. My daughter is a good mom but she can't be left alone with the baby, so now we are stranded at my ex's house. I drive a little red cobalt fits 5 uncomfortaly, and we now are at 6 plus a baby with a car seat. So hours and hours later the last of the clan my 19 year old shows up with another car, that's when things got fun now everyone wants to do things but of course they all want to go somewhere different, and just deciding to go from one house to another turns into an hour long discussion, my poor son stranded with his 5 sisters and a dead cell phone battery wants nothing more then to get his charger, he never did get it. So now we're to today, after 11AM we're spread out in three houses and.... no one wants to get up and start the day. I have another week of this I'm ready to go back to work :( Has anyone else gone through this and you got any tips how I can get something going around here? Shoot I can mylot at home on my computer instead of someone elses.
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