mylot makes my day when i've been through it all.

United States
July 31, 2008 12:14pm CST
You guys here make my day ! I love you guys a ton ! Friendly people who are really mature and helpful. Thank god for nice people and this site. I can't go a day without Mylot and I think I'd be somewhere stuck or making stupid decisions. It's glad we have such nice people in the world. I was once on a site something like Mylot and it was a crowd of young people. I think the mature level of people we have here makes it better to talk about anything. YOu guys here are really helpful and nice. If you feel the sameway or would like to comment on experiences here at Mylot feel free to jot down a couple or maybe more things...Being a member here for about 4 months or so has helped my life a lot.
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