First Move To Make Friends

@julyteen (13259)
Davao, Philippines
July 31, 2008 1:17pm CST
there are so many ways to make an individual become your friend. based on my experience we can make the first step in making friends by giving "SMILE" to them. it is very important to show this to one another even you do not know her/his name when time permits you to do so. take note, don't abuse it because it can also destruct and people might think you are crazy. what is you strategy in making friends?
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@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
2 Aug 08
Just with the signature I am using here on mylot, and the one that is written in my profile page, the is always a smile on my face. Smile really is the first step, the first move to make friends, to earn more friends. KEEP SMILING = NEIL (red star 91 @ 1400)
• India
1 Aug 08
I have to admit, im very poor at making frendz, coz im too shy to make the first move.I m shy even to go and talk with ppl whom i like let it be any gender, so that way , i always miss out on frendz column.
@Browisn (782)
• United States
1 Aug 08
I agree it is important to smile and be as pleasant as you can when you meet someone. First impressions are lasting impressions. We are all here for a short time so I think we should try to make as many friends as possible.
• Philippines
31 Jul 08
I too use the smile as my first step. Making friends seems to come natural to me so I really don't have any strategy. I guess I just tell myself at the start of the day that I hope I make it a good day for someone today and if I make a new friend its an added bonus. I don't think you can abuse making friends (real ones not those fake ones) because if they are your friend the both of you did not need to make a choice of wanting to be friends, it just happened.
• India
31 Jul 08
Hi friend, smile is the best way to make friend. Speak with them as he or she permits. When people speak barriers break.spend time with them and know more about them. Enquire about everything and remember all the things never reask anything. Thanks.