God love a cheerful giver.. do you?

July 31, 2008 4:13pm CST
Here's something to think about... and i believe its gonna be interesting topic. do you like recieving gifts? what about giving? whats the ratio of your Giving:recieving
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• India
1 Aug 08
Who doesn't like receiving gifts? everybody loves to receive gifts.....but i guess there should be a limit to it.but what do u really mean by gifts? for gifts can come in many forms,shape and sizes.tell me more... and i will tell u more....
1 Aug 08
gifts as in any form regardless of shape and size eehh... anything that you recieve freely from others.
• United States
1 Aug 08
I've always divided the world up into givers and takers. We all know people that are more giving than most, and those that are so self-absorbed they wouldn't give anything. I think that the ratio that I would want to be known for is about 60/40, leaning towards giving. If recieving weren't acceptable, then givers would not recieve blessings for giving, but I still think we ought to be reluctant recievers.
1 Aug 08
well thanks for your response. M happy to hear that you are on the side of giving than recieving... thats great! the thing is that most of the people don't mind recieving and recieving but when it comes to giving it becomes like doing some criminal job or so. for me what i feel is that for as much as we want to recieve we should also be willing to give. But even here there different types of giving... some give to recieve back, some for showing off, some for approval, so on.... what i am reffering to as giving her is giving without expecting. oh! tat may sound like crazy but true... to be continued stay on