have you ever been to the barber to get a hair cut and....

@jojuana (311)
July 31, 2008 8:29pm CST
...your hair is cut half way and they have power outage? lol just asking.
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@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
1 Aug 08
lol! No, it has never happened to me. And even if it did, a power outage wouldn't affect my hair cut, because the hairdresser is usually using sissors. So, I would have no problem. I would be able to walk out with my new hair cut the way I wanted it. Now, it must suck when the hairdresser is using energy power, though. Hahaha, I can't imagine it! Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@jojuana (311)
• Jamaica
2 Aug 08
well lucky you ah ah ah thanks for responding?